In Oxford dictionary, you can find following description of Dreams — series of thoughts, images and feelings that you experience when you are asleep.

Dream is a very special, fragile essence. Everyone has seen them just for once, but it’s not easy to sense them. Many talanted people have done it, and even more — they shared it with us. From these patches of Dreams we have formed our programme unit Whose Dreams?..

Structurally this unit has 3 independent blocks: Debyutoria for schoolish and first unassisted works in investigation of dreams; Profnastil for professional works and confident dream’s cartographers; Equilibristics for top class in animation arts. Here amateurs and professionals are staying in a line.

Special juri, pieced a quilt of sleep from hundred patches of Dreams. Among jury there are no professional animators, but all of them, in one way or other are creative personalities.

Chuang Hui Chi  Across the light
Sink Dana  Bicycle
Uehara Leo  Un dia
Sharafutdinov Rim  Super 8
Haddad Marilyn  Like There Is No Tomorrow
Budovskiy Aleksey  Tu-Tu
Soloshenko Mikhail  Ilich on the threshold
Kirienko Aleksandr  Pianos
Millard Peter  Unhappy Happy
Dane Kira  Vortex
Sineokaya Diana  Syo’s songs
Patrovits Tamás  Work in progress – Faces
Wang Katy  Mind the Gap
Zhidkov Andrey  Not Button
Mizue Mirai  Poker
Poliektova Tatiana, Filippo Rivetti  Cinema Dehors
Tourneur Melanie & Deroeck Eve  Looper
Berezovaya Natalya  Robot Vitaliy
Andavert Marcos  Transition
Bahurin Andrey  Hard + Soft
Svirskiy Aleksandr  Harvest
Kapkov Sergey  Owl me tender
Carraro Mauro  Aubade
Ushev Theodore  Sonambulo
Mirzoyan Natalia, Melnikov Igor  Hatch

Diakov Anton  A clockwork donkey
Manganelli Monica  The Ballad of The Homeless
Li Wenyu  Go to city Ele
Johnstone Stephanie  A tale of aquatic affairs
Zhu Yantong  My Milk Cup Cow
Velikovskaya Dina  About mum
Mälk Mattias  Northern Starfish
Prieto Silvia  It’s not you it’s me
Chytková Eliška  On The Origin Of Beer
Voronina Anastasia  Oh, darling!
Alisova Tatiana  Bhava-cakra
Cui Jia  The red eyes
Koko Sophie Gate  Half Wet
Kreif Zsuzsanna, Zétényi Borbála  Limbo-Limbo Travel
Pramatarov Boris  Postindustrial
Ike Asami  Usalullaby

Aronova Yulia  One, two.. tree
Shmelkov Leonid  Very lonely rooster
Bosnjak Ivana, Johnson Thomas  Simulacra
Kranot Michelle & Uri  Hollow land
Banoczki Tibor, Szabo Sarolta  Leftover
Clark Shaun, Noce Kim  The Key
Bogdanov Ivan  Milkmaid
Pisačić Matija  Choban
Cabon Paul  Storm hits jacket
Petrov Asparuh  A Petty Morning Crime
Lundgren Chintis  Life with Herman H. Rott
Mirsoyan Natalia  Madam and maiden
Yagodin Dmitry  100% Mood
Maksimov Ivan  Benches№ 0458
Chernysheva Natalia  Two friends
Lopez Cerise  Chulyen, a crow’s tale
Tender Priit  House of Unconsciousness
Cherkasova Oksana  Globeflower